There’s good reason why merino wool clothing is the essential garment of choice for the everyday go-getting, stylish yummy-mummy and well-seasoned traveller. Indeed, there have been those who have claimed merino wool garments to be the best clothes for international travel. Merino wool is making headlines and has certainly made us want to share more about its amazing benefits and what it has to offer.

There are some days that are just jam-packed! From sending the kids to school, rushing between work, the gym, then to the grocery store to pick up dinner for the family. Finding the perfect balance isn’t always easy so we appreciate any hints and tips that will make life easier. So here we have it, our little nugget of advice! And when it comes packaged this perfectly, who could resist?!

What we’re talking about is merino wool clothing, and it is taking the world by storm. There are so many amazing benefits to wearing merino wool, from its many textile properties to the stylish options that are appearing on the runway. We’re so impressed that we’re already stocking our wardrobes with the latest merino wool sweaters. They’re great for everyday wear as well as being the ideal lightweight travel clothes Australia, perfect for your next trip away.

In fact, there are a plethora of reasons why merino wool should be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. Read on to discover our top reasons for why Merino wool makes for the ideal all-rounder travel and casual wear for women.

Stylish Casual Wear for Women: Merino Wool Clothing Staples

Between school drop-offs, gym sessions and afternoon coffee catch-ups, there’s often no time to simply duck back home to freshen up. While dressing for all occasions sounds like a term that’s easier said than done, we think we’ve found the ultimate solution. When it comes to practical yet stylish clothing, there really is no going passed Merino wool clothing for the ultimate in casual wear for women.

No longer the baggy sweaters of the past, we’re seeing trendy Merino wool pieces hitting the storefronts and street style. When it comes to looking radiant and trendy during a busy daily schedule, playing by the “less is more” rule is the way to go.

What we love is how versatile Merino wool clothing can be and with our latest collection that features modern block colours, styling couldn’t be easier. Each garment has been tastefully designed with flattering cuts in mind without compromise of comfort and style. Effortlessly match any outfit for a variety of events. Simply pull on a Merino wool t-shirt and pair it with a relaxed fit Merino wool pant. It’s the perfect combination for those frantic days running around!

Durable Merino Wool: Ideal Travel Clothes For Women

We love how far Merino wool has come in the fashion world. For the ultimate in travel styling, we always pack our suitcase full of merino wool basics. Not only are modern merino wool clothing pieces stylish and lightweight, but we’re such fans of how luxurious Merino wool feels against our skin! A world away from that itchy scratchy feeling of those retro woollen jumpers, think of super fine Merino wool sweaters as the sophisticated and more refined cousin!

If you’re like us, we love to travel in comfort. With Merino wool, you’ll never be caught sitting on another long haul flight in discomfort again. Trust us, we wouldn’t leave home without our signature travel pants, the modern relaxed pant that will effortlessly take you around the world. There’s a reason why we think our travel outfits are the best clothes for international travel!

So the secret is out, merino wool clothing is the perfect travel clothes for women. To top it off, thanks to the natural antimicrobial properties of the merino wool textile, merino wool clothing can be washed less often compared with regular cotton clothing. It’s fibres naturally evaporate moisture quickly and inhibit bacterial growth, causing those nasty body odours! The structured weaved of merino wool means that despite its softer texture, the fabric itself is stronger and more durable. Ultimately this means you’ll be spending less time doing laundry and more time enjoying your holiday!

Lightweight Travel Clothes Australia: Merino Wool Clothing

Finding the perfect balance when packing for any trip can sometimes be a little tricky. We all know too well how difficult it can be when deciding which essential item trumps the next. To top it off, when it comes to style and the weight of your suitcase, especially when you’ve got multiple destinations planned, it may all seem too much. Our number one packing tip is to execute decisive planning, because it is as important as remembering to pack your passport!

The key to finding a harmonious balance is choosing clothing pieces that are useable across multiple settings and also be the stylish travel clothes that you’ll be proud to wear. Essentially, you want versatile clothing that is flattering yet comfortable. Earlier on, we mentioned the “less is more” analogy and when it comes to packing, we’re taking this on like gospel! Merino wool clothing fits this bill perfectly. Aside from its moisture wicking and breathable qualities, merino wool helps to regulate your body temperature, dries exceptionally fast and doesn’t wrinkle. It’s luxuriously soft and packs down small - all attributes for the perfect travel companion!

With less in your suitcase and literally less weight on your shoulders, you’ll be left with more time to enjoy travelling the globe! Travelling light can take the pressure off from the stress of going over your baggage weight limit. That’s why we absolutely love organising our suitcases with easy to pack lightweight merino wool clothing.

The versatility of Merino wool is just the start to why we’re in love with our new collection, and we hope you will be too! Every piece has been crafted to embody a simple yet elegant radiance. Trust us, you’ll be flying off in no time once you’ve taken a look at our must have range. Our lightweight travel clothes Australia will take your comfort zone to new heights! Simply slip into a pair of our comfy Merino pants and get going. It’s the travel hack that we love to share!

Merino Wool Clothing: The Investment Piece You’ll Be Proud To Own

The secret is out and undoubtedly merino wool has come out on top! Achieving an effortless everyday style can be easily done. We’ve taken you through our top reasons for why we love merino wool clothing so much. Trust us, once you’re armed with your favourite merino wool t-shirt, you’ll discover so many more reasons that go beyond our blog.

Stocking your wardrobe with the latest merino wool clothing will possibly be the best choice you’ll make this year. Merino & Co offer a variety of clothing, including menswear, womenswear as well as accessories, perfect for every season.

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