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Australian Merino Wool Blankets

To add the Merino & Co touch to your entire home, we have curated a beautiful collection of Australian Merino wool blankets. Our range of Merino wool throws has the ability to turn your house into a home and create a space the whole family will want to enjoy. 


Find The Perfect Merino Wool Blanket and Throw

All our Australian merino wool blankets are made from 100% natural merino wool. Woven with natural fibers, our merino wool blanket throws, creates the perfect amount of warmth combined with an unbeatable softness. The superior breathability and natural composition of merino wool means our blankets and throws are perfect for all skin types.


How To Wash A Merino Wool Blanket

Our Merino wool blankets are lovingly made in Australia from the highest quality, organic, merino wool, made for modern living so you know they will last for years to come. 

  • Wash with wool-friendly detergent. This will prevent colour loss of your merino blanket.

  • To remove stains, soak your merino blanket with luke-warm water. 

  • Always try to handwash your blanket with cold water (30 degrees celsius).


Our range features classic neutrals, vibrant modern colours as well as patterns inspired by our unique landscape to add a sophisticated touch of comfort and style to any space making these items something you will be proud to show off.

Nothing says home more than a luxurious, cosy blanket so shop the range of Australian Merino wool blankets now for the perfect addition to any room.


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    Perth Wool Throw
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