Merino Wool Hats & Beanies

If you’re looking for serious warmth this winter, our range of merino wool hats and merino wool beanies in Australia are the staple accessories for you. Merino wool is the ideal material for hats and beanies as it has the unique ability to be breathable and light while still offering superior warmth. The moisture wicking abilities of the merino wool fibre also helps to keep your head warm while drawing sweat away from the surface of the skin to keep you dry and comfortable while you stay active. Merino wool is also naturally UV resistant to protect you from the harmful sun rays.

No matter what your signature style is, make the winter look work for you. Keep it classic with neutral coloured merino wool beanies, add a pop of colour and bring some sunshine to dull winter days with bright tones or keep it casual and laid back with slouch beanies.

Merino & Co’s range of winter accessories was curated with luxurious warmth in mind. Our range has everything you need to keep warm from your head with our hats and beanies, down to your toes with our merino wool socks and everything in between. Our 100% Australian merino wool hats and merino wool beanies are the perfect winter accessories whether you're hitting the ski fields or just trying to keep cosy and casual this winter, so explore our collection today.